Graduate Level Courses

IPT 692R, The Learning Infrastructure. Co-taught with Jon Mott Fall 2013.

IPT 515R, Theories of Creativity and Innovation. Co-taught with Rick West Spring 2013.

IPT 655, Instructional Print Design. Co-taught with Jennifer Price Fall 2011.

Undergraduate Level Courses

IPT 286, Instructional Technology for Preservice Teachers. Instructor of Record for the following formats:

      • Blended: Taught 1 semester

      • Open Online Course: Taught 1 semester

      • Online: Taught 4 semesters.

      • Face-to-face: Taught 5 semesters.

      • Also worked as an undergraduate TA for the course.

Youth Workshop

Was one of several instructors for a two-day youth workshop on Design Thinking and innovation sponsored by BYU.

Mentoring Undergraduate and Graduate Students

      • Mentored a team of undergraduate Instructional Design Assistants (Teaching Assistants) as they created badge rubrics, tutorials, and other materials for the IPT EdTec website.

      • Mentored two students from my IPT 286 class as they participated in the MSE’s Innovative Instruction Competition. These students were finalists in the competition.

      • Mentored an undergraduate research assistant. She worked with me as we analyzed data and wrote an article on social innovation.

      • Mentored two graduate research assistants (master's students). The first worked with me as we developed an open badge system and wrote an article detailing our design. The second helped me collect a series of articles on MOOCs and Open Badges for future research.

      • Mentored undergraduate teaching assistants for IPT 286